The XpandCRM is a community-specific design built on open-source technologies and proprietary extensions for the greatest functionality and highest usability to deliver the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) for your business.  Available in highly configurable modules, the application includes eight of the highest value touchpoints between you and your customers:

Sales Automation

From researching a potential customer to finding addresses including street views, street maps, driving directions, local businesses/ points of interest, and online customer profiles, all functions can be completed within the application without bouncing from one website to another to collect all the necessary information for sales teams’ daily activities.  In addition, all interactions with a customer whether by phone, email, or online are immediately and automatically captured within a unique customer record for access anywhere, anytime.

Lead and Pipeline Management

From fully customizable contacts, leads, potentials, and accounts profiles and the ability to create lead reports by source from any number of websites, webforms, and advertising portals with auto population into a single database, XpandCRM offers sales teams a full range of lead and pipeline management and reporting functions.  XpandCRM can track lead recruitment successes  as well as report on the effectiveness of marketing activities across multiple marketing channels.

Email Integration

With XpandCRM users can associate customer emails with contacts and numerous other XpandCRM components with plugins for Outlook, Thunderbird, Gmail, and many more providers.  With bi-directional interfaces, sales teams can initiate emails in the contact record of their choice and have incoming and outgoing emails appear in the contact record of each individual regardless of origin or reply source.

Campaign Management

With XpandCRM users can create e-mail campaigns and track, manage, and optimize organization-wide marketing efforts. From dynamic list generation capabilities and tracking campaign effectiveness, XpandCRM clients can rest assured that their marketing dollars are spent in the most cost-effective channels.

Document and Contract Maintenance

XpandCRM allows administrators to standardize system-wide contract structures, work order provisions, and invoicing terms and conditions for all salespeople simulataneously.

Customer Support Automation

From graphical scheduling of all field and support teams for committed job completion assignments to trouble ticket and complaint resolution tracking, the XpandCRM system can notify all responsible parties of issues in progress and anticipated resolution timeframes.  With a dynamic web portal,  customers can access their own service records, open support tickets, and view progress on open issues.

Mobile Application Access

Access XpandCRM from the palm of your hand. Fully integrated XpandCRM apps are available on the iTunes Store and Android Marketplaces.

Inventory Management

With XpandCRM platform users can transcend the limits of traditional CRM with inventory management. XpandCRM users can track stock, associate inventory with invoices, work orders and much more.  With an unlimited number of price books, XpandCRM clients can assign customer-specific pricing on custom defined business rules and disseminate them throughout the field-based sales organization.