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The Founder, President and CEO of  XpandCRM is a recognized industry veteran of some of the most recognizable franchised organizations over the past twenty years including Holiday Inn Worldwide/Intercontinental Hotels, Carlson Wagonlit Travel, TravelWerx CRM, and Sunbelt Business Advisors.  

Mr. Michael Auten, CPIM- President and Founder

Mr. Auten started his career after business school as a consultant for Deloitte and Touche (now Deloitte Consulting) where he successfully managed multiple consulting engagements with an emphasis on optimizing the national and international brand positioning and service delivery strategies in the hotel sector.  After being recruited into Holiday Inn Worldwide, Mr. Auten led the global expansion strategy development of the franchised hotel system to 3,000 properties across six continents.  Following his executive mentors to Carlson Wagonlit, Mr. Auten joined Carlson Wagonlit Travel and witnessed the growth of the agency to become the second largest international travel company and implemented the first web-enabled reservation system in the United States.  Having completed his charge at Carlson Wagonlit, Mr. Auten joined TravelWerx to develop a franchise and travel-specific CRM solution for international airlines, hotels, and car rental companies.  After completing the buildout of the TravelWerx solution, Mr. Auten was hired into Sunbelt Business Advisors as Chief Executive Officer where he oversaw the expansion of the business brokerage franchise to more than 300 offices across the United States, Western Europe, Nordic Territories, the United Kingdom, Australia, Asia and the Middle East.  Upon the successful sale of Sunbelt to a strategic buyer in 2006, Mr. Auten joined his former Vice President of Business Development to create Business Trade Group’s Franchise Consulting practice with a strong focus on concept development, legal and regulatory compliance,  operational and organizational planning, and back office integration.  While consulting on many new concepts including Canine Dimensions, Tax Drx, On-Target Maintenance, and other startup franchisors, Mr. Auten realized that the market was underserved from a technology and back office perspective and set about to build an industry-leading application for the franchise market and XpandCRM was born.


Larry Mandras serves as Chief Technology Officer of XpandCRM and oversees all development activities and implementation efforts on behalf of the company.  Mr. Mandras is a highly accomplished, innovative, and profit-driven executive with 20+ years of experience leading the creation of new products/applications and acquisitions that increase profitability, expand the customer base, and drive revenue growth.  Before joining XpandCRM, Mr. Mandras was CTO of Royal Bank of Scotland's WorldPay division, Vice President at Global Payments, Inc. and served as a Consulting Manager for Accenture in the U.S.  With extensive experience in product/application development, strategic planning, infrastructure, information security, quality assurance, business process improvement and an in-depth understanding of emerging technologies across multiple platforms, Mr. Mandras is uniquely positioned to drive customer satisfaction and continuous product improvement initiatives with the CEO.   

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The unique combination of technologies, business processes, and integration points present in the XpandCRM solution are based upon real world requirements in today’s fiercly competitive business climate. We invite you to explore our website and contact us to determine if we can help Xpand your business.  Click on the Contact Us tab to connect to us now.