The tools outlined below are optional products available through XpandCRM that are designed to allow us to integrate our solution into your existing franchise business without changing all aspects of how you conduct your business today.  Each is sold as an optional add-on tool to your core XpandCRM installation.  Please contact us today for a custom quotation for any of the products listed below based on your current operating technologies and configurations.

XpandCRM | Google Contact Sync

How It Works

To send contacts from Google to XpandCRM is easy. XpandCRM will periodically check your Google account for new or modified contacts and mirror any changes in the XpandCRM application.


XpandCRM | Google Calendar Sync

How It Works

When an event in XpandCRM is created or edited, it is immediately sent to your Google Calendar where it can sync with your mobile devices. In addition XpandCRM will periodically check Google for any events created or edited since the last sync.


The frequency that Google is checked can be controlled by the system administrator. The recommended interval is 10 minutes.

Installation Requirements

  • XpandCRM v. 2.0
  • PHP Version 5.2
  • SSL Enabled Server
  • Registered Domain Through Google
  • Zend Library
  • PHP-XML Module

XpandCRM | Quickbooks Interface

How It Works

You use Xpand for your franchise operation and you use Quickbooks for accounting, but you want them to work together to streamline your business process. You’ve come to the right place, because the XpandCRM Quickbooks interface is the only product on the market that does this for you.


With one click XpandCRM users can:

  • Create your XpandCRM accounts/customers in Quickbooks and link them together
  • Create your XpandCRM products/services in Quickbooks
  • Create your XpandCRM Quotes, Invoices, etc in Quickbooks

The interface will automatically:

  • Create/update your ongoing Quickbooks invoice and payment history in XpandCRM
  • Allow your clients to view their Quickbooks invoice and payment history via the XpandCRM Customer Portal

XpandCRM | Email Validation

XpandCRM | Data Validation in Partnership with

How It Works

Email Validation ensures that you are capturing leads with accurate email addresses in real-time and working with clean email lists in your database. Lower your cost per lead, stop wasting time on bad leads, avoid the nuisances of having a bad reputation with ISPs, and most importantly, convert more leads into customers.  

With the Data Validation extension XpandCRM users can:

  • Validate email addresses directly on a web form, POS system, or landing page, all in real-time.
  • Quickly validate large bulk files in 48 hours or less
  • Integrate directly into your CRM platform and email campaign management tools
  • Append demographic and social references to already validated leads. 

XpandCRM | Round Robin Lead Distributor

How It Works

You use XpandCRM for your franchise operation and you want the ability to automatically distribute leads to your salespeople. You’ve come to the right place, because the XpandCRM | Round Robin Lead Distributior is the only product on the market that does this for you.


When a lead comes in the XpandCRM | Round Robin Lead Distributor will:

  • Check to see which users are “turned on” for lead distribution
  • Check an unlimited number of variables in the the new lead and assign the lead only to users who are qualified*
  • Assign the lead to the qualified user who is “next” in the queue
  • Users can be turned on and off at any time
  • Users can turn themselves on and off at any time*Users can receive an email notification when they are assigned a new lead*


Leads can be added to the distribution via:

  • XpandCRM | Lead Scraper which takes in lead emails, http posts, xml feeds, etc
  • Manual import of leads into XpandCRM
  • Manually enter leads into XpandCRM

* Available only in our Round Robin Advanced product.

XpandCRM | Leadscraper

How It Works

No matter where your leads are coming from, the XpandCRM | Leadscraper can pull them all into XpandCRM by searching the text in emails. The XpandCRM | Leadscraper is an excellent tool for parsing and automatically importing leads such as:

  • Web Forms
  • Purchased Leads

Users of XpandCRM can use XpandCRM | Leadscraper to parse any regular data, meaning any text that you receive in a predictable form. It can automate based on any number of form templates.  The Leadscrapper can even monitor equipment up time and send you an alert if it is down (The equipment must be capable of sending emails).

Consider a form on a website for customers to fill out support requests. Without XpandCRM | Leadscraper, somebody has to check the email account for support requests, and when an email comes in they create a trouble ticket, associate it with the appropriate contact, and assign the trouble ticket to one of the support employees to resolve.

If you get more than a handful of support requests, that's a lot of work.

The XpandCRM | Leadscraper can automate this step for your support staff.

You might also have a form for quote requests. The XpandCRM | Leadscraper would try to match the sender to your XpandCRM database, and if it's not there, it would automatically create a new contact using the form data, and assign the quote request to sales.

XpandCRM | Google Radius Mapping

How It Works

The Google Maps Integration allows you to start from a contact/account/lead page in XpandCRM and see what else in the database is nearby. It displays  contacts/accounts/leads within a specified radius on a Google map.



  • Change the radius to bring in more data or show less.
  • Click on a push pin to show detailed data from the contact/account.
  • On the left margin, see detailed info about all contacts/accounts that are dsiplayed on the map.
  • Click on an item to open up the contact/account detail page.
  • Set filters so you can expand/contract the data that is displayed.
  • Set the color/shape of the pushpins to reflect specific data types from your database.

XpandCRM | Email Linker

Do you want all of your company emails to automatically show up in XpandCRMer under the appropriate contact/ and/or account?.

With the Xpand Email Linker:

  • All emails from all your employees that you designate will be linked and visible in XpandCRM.
  • You do not need to use XpandCRM to send/receive emails. Use whatever you use now (eg Outlook, GMail, etc).
  • Works for all incoming and outgoing emails.
  • Works for all company users that you designate -- they do not need to be XpandCRM users.

With the Enhanced XpandCRM Email Linker:

  • You get a daily/weekly report on linked emails. You can see how many incoming and outgoing emails there were for each user.
  • Your users get a daily email that tells them how many unlinked emails they had.
  • Users can click to view and process those unlinked emailsQuickly link the emails to the desired XpandCRM contact record.
  • Add the email address to the contact if desired (so future emails will automatically link).
  • Block specific email addresses from coming into XpandCRM in the future
  • Delete unwanted emails before they appear in XpandCRM.